Hi, my name is Jay. I'm 21. Junior engineering student in Portland, Oregon. I currently teach and work in a book store. I like to make art and sell crafts I make. This blog is a personal reflection of things I like, anecdotes about my life, things that inspire me, things that make me laugh, and all together just a blog to take some time away from my busy life. Check out my other blog for less tangential content.

New Favorite Thing

Looking at the tag: ‘blasian’ and being really happy because I see all these people that look like my sister and I. And, then finding the people that are like me (Filipino/Black) makes my grin about 2x bigger :D But, then it’s bad when I want to start following them… and then I’m like, “Wait…there’s something wrong with that.” 

Enough midnight rants. Bon Soir. 

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